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Kickstarter Campaign coming soon!

Kickstarter Campaign almost ready-to-go!

We have an exciting announcement to make: we have been preparing a Kickstarter campaign for 8 Doors for a while now and the campaign is almost ready! It would mean the world to us if you guys could take the time to visit our Kickstarter campaign once it launches. 

What can backers expect to get from funding?

We’ve spent the time to find great merchandise manufacturers in South Korea to create our own unique merchandise! All of us are super excited about having our game’s very own merch and we’ll be using these merch as rewards for our Kickstarter backers. We deliberately didn’t include a lot of rewards that directly affect our development pipeline as we don’t want to underdeliver our promises to potential backers. 

Why shouldn’t I just wait for the release date?


Extra funding during development stages really helps us to solely focus on developing our game’s final stages and polish work. That being said, any sort of early support from you guys is extra special to us. We’re also going to be giving out a limited number of 30% Early-Bird discount copies of the game, so if you were planning on getting a copy of our game, click the notify icon to get a notification as soon as the page is up to buy the game at a discounted price!

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